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I want to report some news to be published in the newspapers about harringay social services as I am fed up with them!

They are providing a substandard service to my sister who is going to have heart surgery this week. And although we had a review done last year in august they have not got back to me with any answers and whats more they want to do this years review even though they haven't sorted out the previous review!

Any help and guidance welcome.



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You should talk to these people. They have a shop on green lanes.

I'm not a journalist, but I can suggest some other tactics.  Have you made a formal complaint?  If you have & that hasn't worked, try contacting the Councillor with responsibility for social services.  I don't know who it is now, but the Haringey website will tell you.  and/or your MP (David Lammy or Lynne Featherstone, depending where you are). 

Not suggesting you don't use the media as well.  Best of luck.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me either as a direct message on karen.alexander.haringeylibdems@gmail.com  to see if there is anyway I can assist.

Hi ,I like to help but I do need more information please come to my surgery at 14a Willoughby Road N8 I am there for the second and fourth Saturday of the month 11am- 1pm or you can email me Gina.Adamou@haringey.gov.uk I have some experience in this area but I need you to get in touch. Regards Cllr. Gina Adamou Harringay Ward


Thanks for the support! I got it sorted at the end. But it is sad it had to come to this. Its just a classic case of one department not working with the other.

Even though I was called an online terrorist by some council workers...



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