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Is it just me or is 2016 a good year for blossom in London?

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I was just thinking the blossom in Finsbury Park was looking great this morning Hugh...course blue sky helps.

And the willows look wonderful too

Yes, something to do with the strange winter maybe. At the moment I'm between jobs and have spent most of this week at the Tottenham Marshes sitting under some particularly beautiful blossom. Unfortunately I'm too much of a Luddite to own a camera, but it was lovely

What a lovely Display of Blossoms, I take it is Finsbury Park ???? I spent a great deal of my youth in Finsbury Park, so it's Great to see it once more and to know " it's still a Park." Thank your Lucky Stars, Harringay!!!!!!! Eddie C. Ozzie
The blossom is stunning this year. Maybe conditions have been better during winter but also they have flowered in very calm sunny conditions.



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