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Hello there,

I just broke my well loved iPhone 3... I could fix it, (I think...) but I was interested to see if anyone has a spare one to sell...

Thanks x

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I've got a few iPhone 4s knocking about that I'd be happy to sell. They all need a little TLC in one way or another, but mostly cosmetic/easily fixed.

oooo. sounds great. How much are you selling them for? x

Hello - sorry to butt in on Dancing Owl call out- but I'm in the same position. My very old iphone 3gs is pretty wonky now. If I'm not stepping on DO toes (talons) then I might be interested in a iphone 4 if there is an easy cosmetic fix. could you message me?

You can get a cracked screen fixed for about £25 in lots of places, or fix it yourself - if you get the bits from ebay, it only takes about half an afternoon of watching you tube video's and little bit of worrying you've done something wrong and then a little bit longer discovering you have, after which you can order another set and spend the rest of your weekend trying again. X

wow! thanks for this! I would probably have a go if I didn't have a toddler in tow... sounds like a fun thing to have a go though x

I've got an iPhone 3 if you're interested. Let me know



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