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Invitation to to support Friends of Chestnuts Park’s current opposition the planning proposal for a flood alleviation project in the park.

Friends of Chestnuts Park was formed over twenty years ago to promote the interests of the park and park users over 20 years ago. We meet on the last Saturday of every month for a chat and some gardening in the willow garden area of the park. 
We are pleased to be working with the parks service on a new masterplan for the park which is currently open for consultation until 31st August, although that's not a tight deadline as it's a rolling masterplan. https://chestnutsmasterplan.commonplace.is/en-GB/proposals/aboutthe.... Do have a look and add your comments. The draft plan contains suggestions for approaching some of the current challenges in the park. 
Problem planning application - please support our objection
Another consultation about a project in the park closed recently, the proposed Flood Alleviation project. With regret, Friends of Chestnuts Park are now having to oppose this project.  The consultation about it has ended, but you can read our detailed response by scrolling down this link to the eighth response on this link. 

In summary, the proposed retention basin in the main playing field in the area nearest the Cranleigh Rd gate is too big for our small park, too risky, and too rushed, without enough resource in place to manage the risks. 

Our park is situated in the area of the highest green space deprivation in the borough. And we’re about to have over 900 new homes built across the road on the St Ann’s site. We need more useable green space, not less. And the almost total lack of gardeners recruited to the parks service, and serious problems with Thames Water and only a LBH single staff member looking after flood prevention, and no plans in place for dealing with domestic misconnections in this catchment area means that the council is not currently in a position to mitigate the many risks. 

It’s sad for us to have to oppose. As many of you will know, having some kind of sustainable urban drainage scheme, or even surfacing the Stonebridge Brook which used to run through the park, has been in our sights for years. There have been some great posts on this site over the years about the historical route of the Stonebridge, including this one from Hugh https://harringayonline.com/forum/topics/the-sound-of-the-stonebrid...

The proposed project was submitted to planning and the deadline is on 6th Sept. We'll be issuing some suggestions for responses soon, in comments below this thread.
You can read and respond to the application by entering the  reference HGY/2023/2099 on this link https://www.haringey.gov.uk/planning-and-building-control/planning/planning-applications/current-planning-applications/view-and-comment-current-applications. 

For those who would like to know more, please come along to our next open meeting at 12.30pm on Saturday 26th August. We’re going to meet outside the café at the picnic tables. Bring food to share and join in the conversation. If it’s raining we’ll move inside the Community Centre. Then at around 2pm we’ll start our usual monthly gardening session. 
For more information call the Chair, Ceri on 07887508395 or email friendsofchestnutspark@hotmail.co.uk."

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The deadline for responses to the planning application is end of today Wed 6th Sept

https://publicregister.haringey.gov.uk/pr/s/planning-application/a0... Read responses left so far, including the official response from Friends of Chestnuts Park, here

Apologies if I’ve missed subsequent posts about this but to flag that the planning application is being discussed by the Council on Monday 11th. Friends of Chestnut Park have submitted a comprehensive objection (as have many others) and there is a live petition against the plans here; https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/protect-chestnuts-park?sourc...

Thank you Alison. Please do all share and sign the petition. And come along this Monday to support us at the planning committee? 
I hadn't bothered to post here, as no-one seemed to have noticed this post. And it didn't feature in the weekly HOL round ups. 

Hi Ceri, Sorry you didn’t get the feedback you were hoping for, but the post does have approaching 600 views and it was in the Ketchup on 18th August. Is there a short version you could add as a new post to drum up last minute support?



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