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Dave Hill has found a new cause now he's formerly the Guardian's award-winning London commentator.

"This difference would of itself hold down development costs, making a higher number and percentage of genuinely affordable homes – for social rent, lower end “affordable” rent and shared ownership – more feasible rather than less so."  More feasible huh?  That's the sort of weasel words that lets those who are bilingual know that the HDV will kick out the tenants to an unknown holding place, and NONE will return to proper social housing on the same terms as they have now. Has he looked up Lendlease's previous?

I have to thank the OP for flagging an article written reasonably even-handedly.

A random act of journalism, unlike that yellow journalism of that Chakrabatty guy.

The following quote makes a very important point:

"This excites campaigners and is profitable for a busy band of academics – another conference, another book deal, another column, another grant – but its proponents seem strikingly uninterested in those whose interests they presume to represent."

This sums up so much of liberal thinking and I have seen it time and again. I remember when there was such umbrage at the name for the football team "Washington Redskins", even though survey after survey showed that American Indians by and large could care less.  Liberal activism always needs a convenient victim to rally behind, even though, as Mr Hill gives evidence of here, the purported victim(s) could give a rat's rear about the matter.

Perhaps you could name one of these surveys? Over 115 organisations including the National Congress of Native Americans which represents over 1.2million native Americans campaigned long and hard for this name change. Now would be a good time to apologise for your blatant attempt to introduce fake news.

Well Seven Sisters Momentum don't seem to have delivered if Councillor Kober's twitter feed is to be believed.

Surprised you’re surprised.

So Joe Goldberg, to say nothing of his politics, was a great online debater and apparently withdrew this morning, perhaps to help Councillor Kober. A bit sad about that.

Agree that he's one of the brighter councillors (seems to be anyway). She won 64-19 with the Orthodox vote paying on the door as they were mostly in arrears. Our own Ali Gul Ozbek of Seven Sister's ward apparently got his neighbours out too.

If 19 is all that could be mustered for even having a selection which Kober could have contested and won I would be surprised if the anti Clare campaigners will have an impact.

Well perhaps she'll be just another backbench councillor that nobody wants to dine out at £50 a head.

Momentum need to get themselves out of bed really though. The MSM reputation as a hit squad of insurgents is laughable.

Why is the model of StART never mentioned when challenging the HDV? Might it be that with StART there are significant amounts of truly affordable housing and thus less money to be made?

I think that's why, less money to be made. Don't forget that the big development firms like Lendlease also have a hold on the machinery, labour and materials required to build on a large scale. If they see it as being in their interests they can withhold this.

This development in Cambridge won the RIBA award. The developer confessed to still making a decent profit, just not as decent as they usually make.



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