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I'm a tiny bit short of some insulation, so was wondering if anyone had so spare that is no longer needed. 


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What sort of insulation Ben? Loft, wall, floor; on a roll, board; thickness?

Hi tish, no a board and it's to stuff in some gaps in cavity wall and ceiling.

Sorry Tosh!

I have a part roll Ben. Just sent you a friend's request.

Hi tosh, i have sent you a message with my number.

hi ben

i have some left over from a loft conversion that i have asked dan james to remove several times to no avail.

ur welcome to it - its in sheet form various bits sizes etc


Hi Anthony, that would be great! i have sent you a message

Hello, Ben,

I have some loft insulation which you could have for free. It was removed after I had boards put down in my attic, so it is second-hand, but in good condition. 

Do let me know if you want it.




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