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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has any feedback re: primary schools in Crouch End, more specifically Campsbourne. It has a good foster rating. Anyone have their children attend now?

Thanks a lot.

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I have a friend who loved the school, sent her daughter there, joined the PTA, and then took her out and put her in APP from the second year...The grounds are lovely, but the feedback not so positive. We need a Plan B, hence Campsbourne....

Have you considered St Mary's CE? The juniors is just round the corner from Campsbourne. Fantastic school - have a look around and meet the head, I think you'd be impressed.

The infants is on middle lane, I believe. Is st Mary's a religious school?
The infants is on Tottenham Lane, right where it meets Hornsey High Street. Yes, it's a Church of England school but very relaxed and liberal with lots of kids of other religions too (including ours).
Sorry, yes, Tottenham lane. I have a couple of parent friends whose kids go there, but they are religious. It's good to know that non religious kids are accepted there too. Heard the head is now overseeing both sites.
i dont have any informtion about that school
i personally went through your dilemma last year
ended up choosing St.Peter in chains catholic school in crouch end wonderful very strict but i like that my daughter hates weekends
I also heard lovely reviews about North haringey primary



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