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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has any feedback re: primary schools in Crouch End, more specifically Campsbourne. It has a good foster rating. Anyone have their children attend now?

Thanks a lot.

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Doubt many in Harringay will have much direct experience as aren't likely to be in the catchment areas. I have a friend whose kids go to Campsbourne and who is very happy. She's a school governor too. If you'd like to talk to her let me know and I'll ask.
That would be great. We are hoping to move into the catchment, in order to get our son in, but don't want to make the move if the school isn't worth making the move for...

Couldn't find a similar forum for Crouch Enders, so thought I would post on here in the hope. Thanks kindly.
You could try Opinion8. It's not that busy but it is Crouch End.
Thanks for this....it's exactly what I was looking for.

Jelly Jam, a bit like posting on PyongyangOnline about schools you see have a high PISA rating before risking buying in the Seoul catchment area. (Oh sorry, I see POL already have a Seoul franchise, negotiated by our Dear Leader in a moment of capitalistic decadence probably.)

"We are hoping to move into the catchment, in order to get our son in"

Laura, by quoting in bold, I take it you are making the same sort of comment as I was adumbrating in my previous post - but which nobody else seems to want to make. Why should we blame Claire Kober for staying within the Fortismere "catchment", even if nobody really wants her in Muswell Hill?  Nothing wrong with living in Campsbourne, of course.

There's quite a lot about Campsbourne if you Google it. There's a lot of Mumsnet stuff but mainly from 2008 no not much use.

Saw a few pieces here and there, but as you've also noticed...quite old info. Thanks anyway. Appreciated.

Phone the head and ask to visit the school, also try to speak to parents there at the beginning or end of the school day. Do the same with the school local to you, you may find that you dont need to move at all.

The nearest two infants to us have inadequate ofsted....to worry or not....
No, a school is more than an OFSTED report, go in and talk to the head and look around the school.



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