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I just wanted to add my grateful thanks and appreciation (to my daughter's) to the passers-by and neighbours last Friday (a scorching hot day) - when my daughter passed out on the pavement and hit her head on the kerb. I am temporarily disabled (post-knee-op so on a crutch) - and so couldn't catch her fall - but was able to put a blanket under her head and stay with my 2 small grandchildren. The one yr old thankfully asleep in her buggy, my 2.5 yr old grandson understandably very shocked and upset at seeing his mum collapse. One passerby called for the ambulance - whilst I called her father and my partner, a neighbour came out with ice for her head, and a camp chair for me to sit on whilst comforting my grandson, another brought a damp flannel for her forehead, whilst we waited for the ambulance to arrive. Many people helped to offer help. So a big thank you to all of you. The ambulance staff were wonderful - and she was taken to the North Middx Hospital suffering from concussion. There's still swelling and pain - a week later (a bad knock) - but no internal bleeding - so fingers x'd there'll be no repercussions.

So a big thank you to all for your kindness and care - which was much appreciated. Gives me hope!

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Many thanks Alan :0)

Really pleased to hear she is doing well. It was very alarming to see you all looking so vulnerable but you said help was on its way. Thanks for the update Vivienne. Cx

Hello Claudia,

Well yes - we were a bit vulnerable ...

Not sure which person/passer-by you were - but thank you anyway!!



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