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Hi, Anyone remember the Ice Cream Parlour opposite the Arena? Also if you do, have you got any photo's of it?

I spent many hours in the parlour around about 1952. The juke box had quite a few bob from me (Frankie Lane, Johnny Ray etc)

Hope for some info.

Roy Bowker (ex 64 Kimberley Gdns).

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Hi Roy, I remember the Ice Cream Parlour opposite the Harringay Arena. The night the place blew up my best friend was in there Terry Blackwell, as he always was. He finished up in Hospital for about 3 months, with one leg shorter than the other but that never stopped the Army from calling him up for his 2 years National Service, poor bugger. He was a good looking guy and loved the Ladies and there was always plenty of them in the Ice Cream Parlour.

 Yes I enjoyed my time in Harringay, manly through the Second World War and up until I left for Australia in November 1964. I have been back 5 times and the old Harringay has completely gone sorry to say.   Eddie 

I replied a while back it seems!

Yes Richard, thats it, spot on.

    Thank you.

I walked past this today. A wonderful Harringay Ice Cream Parlour ghost sign as been revealed under the N4 Eatery sign. Bring back the parkour! 

 Sorry to say “ that I am surprised that I haven’t had one reply to my memory of Harringay blowing up Ice Cream Parlour “ 

Thanks for the full size photo of the Harringay Ice Cream Parlour, at least there is some old memories ( 60 years ) of Harringay.  Eddie 

I spent many an hour in there in the mid-late sixties wearing out the Ska records on the jukebox. We were friendly with a lovely gay guy called Jim whose brother worked in there whose name I can’t remember. It was a great meeting place - My friend Ricky Deether’s dad was the landlord of the Beaconsfield. I can remember all the rag-bag of StockCar transporters lined up outside on a Saturday night along Green Lanes. Happy Days!

Used to go there in the mid to late 50s. I remember the owner used to like a staring competition.

Roy, some photos of the parlour from the 40s and 50s just published here.

Malcolm, hope your kjeeping well, not seen you for a while. My dad use to have the newsagents opposite St Annes dairy from 1971 through to 1987. I went to scchool with Tass whos dad oned the Ice cream parlour. Had many happy memories there. One of the good things I do remember, the Harringay tramp as was known at the time would go in there and Tass's dad would always give him a hot meal in exchange for a bit of washing up.



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