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I'm moving out of the area soon :( and I wanted to recommend my cleaner. Her name is Kami and she's excellent. My house has never been so clean (she cleans walls and organises cupboards, does washing etc, without having to be asked). She's been with me for 6 months and has never missed a week.

I'm recommending her because I know she'll need work once I've gone, and also because I know people prefer to hire a cleaner who has been recommended. I actually found her through this website (someone recommended her sister but she was too busy).

I've asked Kami about posting this and she's happy for people to call her regarding cleaning work in Harringay.

Her number is 07918129384.



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I am interested and will call her, thank you!!

Just to say I have amended her number- I had added an extra digit!
Hi Nicky, Kami sounds great and I'd be very interested in speaking with her too. I tried calling the number you have shared but it doesn't seem to work. Is it a digit too long?

Thanks for pointing that out Jess! I've amended it now and it should work. Let me know if not.
Hi Nicola. We've been in touch with Kami to see if she can clean our place and she can. Just wondered if you would be happy to give her a reference - some more detail on how long she worked with you, how you found out about her. Would it be possible to have a two minute phone conversation?
Thanks in advance. Rhona

Hi Nikki

Thank you for this recommendation I  have also made contact with Kami, would it be possible for me to make contact with you ? (I will send a connect request) with regard to references  and so on. 

Many thanks Fiona

Hi Nicky. We're looking for a cleaner once a fortnight. Is Kami still available for work do you know?

Many Thanks, David.

Hi David,

I moved a month ago, so I'm not sure. But i think she still had some space when we left, so worth giving her a call to see.

Warm wishes,


Just wanted to bump this thread because Kami is now our cleaner and we agree, she's great. Does a good job, reliable, has never missed a week. 

Hi Marion. Is she looking for more work? Thanks Saima
Hi do you know if kami is still available and how much does sh charge per hour? Could you give me her number so I may call her

Hi Marion,

Thanks for bumping this - is Kami still your cleaner? Would it be possible to make contact with you for a reference? 

Thanks, Jo 



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