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I've been on this forum for a long time but no longer use the email address I originally signed up with. I have gone to My Page and clicked the blue 'change' next to it, then I just get a blank page with only the buttons on the left, no boxes to fill in new info.

I've tried approaching this various ways, but still no luck.

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Have you tried the settings page? see https://harringayonline.com/page/how-to-change-your-member-name

You can link to help pages in the grey strip at the bottom of any page.

Yes, that's just what I have been doing - but I still get just the blue headings (Profile, Privacy etc) on the left, and the rest of the page is blank, I'm going round in circles.Maybe it's my browser being fussy / having some conflict.

Hi,  I had a look at my Settings and I have no problems about making changes if I wanted to - no blank spaces. 

Try a different browser. 



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