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Can anyone recommend a builder who can do other jobs too please? I am looking for a bit of carpentry, minor electrics and minor plumbing?



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Dear Lisa,

Did you find a builder? I am also looking for a builder.




My Father is a builder / handy man.

Please send me a message on what you need doing

Dear Onur,

What is the name of your father's company?



Hi Pauline,

Its not a company. His self employed.


Hello Onur, 

Just reading about your father and that he's a handyman - we need various bits of carpentry work doing - first job is fitting two fire brigade locks on gas/electric fuse cupboards. Is this the sort of thing he does? 




I can recommend Radek from London Capital Painters. Whilst they obviously do painter-decorator work, Radek has a network of sub-contractors covering various trades. They've completed some excellent work for us that included joinery and minor electrics - as well as general interior refurbishment and painting.

Contact Radek Tober - radektober@gmail.com 07912891266


Hope this helps,


will beat 90% of all quotes. To see work he is capable of you are more welcome to come see our home.



Richard (0208 485 7240 or 074668 59579) has just done some work for us and we found him to be excellent. Reasonably priced and very happy to help.

also try florin, I got him off here and so pleased with his work, reasonable rates, very professional, great job AND TIDY++

He has a team so can get  most things done I imagine


Hi Lisa, Currently builders, kitchen and bathroom fitters are not registered on any type of competent or government scheme in order to apply their trade hence it can be hit or miss with what you get and the level of quality.

Electrical work should however be conducted by Part P registered electricians for safety no matter how small you think the job is. Minor electrical work can cause problems over time if not done correctly and the same applies to gas works.

see http://www.electricalsafetyregister.com  of which I am one.

Gas works should be done by Gas Safe engineers

Always ask to see the persons card if they say they are Gas Safe or Part P government registered for electrics.

Plumbing or carpentry is more discretionary and it's just a crying shame that the government don't license builders who are involved in structural alteration to the fabric of a property yet they can eject loft or extentions unsafely as there is no law or licensing for builders. That is why finding a builder for large projects can be a mine field. Ian

Hi everyone. I think you should take note of Ian's comments at the end of this thread. As a builder I am constantly correcting other builders work things like shower trays make of MDF, soil pipes falling the wrong way, shower tiles not being water proofed. Kitchen sinks and baths not being earthed.

In my experience trades people from abroad do not know or understand British of more importantly English building standards. They learn on the job at the customers expense.

Good luck



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