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It's amazing to a foreign onlooker like me (Canadian), that the London boroughs, Harringay included, each hold such a distinct, discrete, unique, local, political flavour. The google map on the home page, for me, is dizzying and disorienting, a dense maze of what looks like blended, overlapping, tangled, interconnected, web of urban humanity. How did these political borders happen? Is this history entrenched? Are they challenged? Is rivalry friendly? Do political borders run down the middle of a street?

It's quite fascinating, quite exotic, to this faraway onlooker.


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A bit of history and some modern electoral expediency.

Green Lanes (the main road running down the middle) roughly approximates to the boundary between two manors - Hornsey & Totenham - established in Saxon times. These boundaries held more or less for hundreds of years as manor developed into municipal boundary. Then from 1965 when London reorganised its government, Hornsey & Tottenham were fused into one, and the London Borough of Haringey was created. There was some antipathy between richer Hornsey, to the West and Tottenham to the east. Some say that lingers today. (But you'll have to ask some about that).

So, the east/west line between the two marked wards more or less follows the old manor/borough borders, beyond that I think their shape and size is more about getting an appropriately sized number of electors together in a ward.

(If you ever have a sleepless night and all those dusty potential re-reads on the top shelf don't appeal, I've written a number of Wikipedia articles on Harringay, including its history - worth your keeping an eye on Berwick's Wikipedia profile. It's where many people will go to find out about your town. When I first looked at the single Wikipedia Harringay article in February 2007, it was dire (you can go back to old versions on Wikipedia via history). It was who Harringay was to the world beyond those who knew it - couldn't have that. So, I thought I'd just change a couple of sentences. A dozen Harringay articles, a BBC h2g2 article and a social network later, I'm happier with Harringay's web footprint.



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