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Hoxton in Harringay? New live music restaurant / bar opening on Green Lanes

Zigfrid in Hoxton Square will be one of the style references for Harringay's newest venue


Quto Yuce is about to realise a dream by returning to Harringay where he grew up to open his own food and live music venue.

Up till recently, Quto has been running the cavernous 
Question Mark bar/club in Stoke Newington. But tired of the relentless four in the morning finishes to his day and frustrated by the limited opportunities to host live music, he's heading home to try something new.

"It just feels to me like Harringay's the right place to do this now", Quto told me, "There's already music starting around here with The Finsbury and The Salisbury and Harringay's well known for food. So we're going to combine the two in a really welcoming space".

He and business partner Dulent Boan, are planning an easy going venue in Muna's old restaurant at the bottom of Beresford Road. I think the final concept is still in gestation, but he described something slightly retro with an industrial edge, furnished with old tables, chairs and sofas. When I pushed him to point to a style model, he directed me to Zigfrid in Hoxton Square (shown above).

As well as food and music, Quto and Dulent will also be making space for local artists to show their work. "A good part of our wall space is going to be given over to local artists", Quto told me, "We expect to change the exhibition every two or three months".

Both partners have a Turkish background, but it sounds like the food will not be taking its lead from the rest of Harringay. Quto was emphatic about the emphasis on fresh food as he described a menu which will offer a couple of brunches each day - one themed on a full English and one on a more mediterranean style breakfast - and an evening tapas style menu with a couple of dishes of the day. From what Quto said, the food might best be described a world food. 

Music will aslo be eclectic with some themed nights. Quto mentioned, jazz, ethnic fusion and English folk. 

The working name for the venue is Live House (though that may well change). Summing up what it would offer Harringay, Quto said, "It's going to be a place where you go to eat and if you come in the evenings there's also live music, and of course a cocktail bar. You don't have to eat though. If you want you can come in for a coffee or a drink"

Quto's obviously having a ball finalising the concept and I for one eagerly await the planned opening in July.

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this sounds brilliant and if you are in need of an interior designer then get in touch 

Sounds good!

Sounds fantastic!

Double yay!!!!

"ethnic fusion"? *shudder

I thought practically all music was "ethnic fusion." I must admit "Jazz" gives me the shivers.

Please let us know when it opens as we'll certainly be on for an evening there!

So excited about this!!! Usually go to the Green Note, Camden Town whenever we fancy some (usually wonderful) live music and great food  but just being able to walk round the corner would be fantastic. 

agree - sounds great!

This sounds rather exciting - will be keeping a look out in the near future hopefully :-)


Thank you all for your uplifting comments! Still early days...we'll post a date as soon as we know!
oh, music will vary..a lot! As we have many musician friends from all over supporting us we're positive there will be something for most tastes:)
Thanks Tunbridge wells..we'll be in touch should the circumstances arise.



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