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Information on how Haringey Council's planning process will operate.

In an email received on 9th April 2020.


As per the note on the website on the Planning applications page consultation on any applications received on or after 24 March has not taken place.

Applications have been registered and placed on the web portal and are viewable and all have a note in the description that sets out that consultation hasn't started as yet.

Consultation on these applications will take place after lockdown restrictions are lifted and decisions will be made after the usual 21 day period expires.

We are investigating the use of a remote printing service and if we are able to do this then consultation letters will begin to be sent out sooner.

Understandably the number of applications submitted has been reduced and this has allowed for some staff to be redeployed to assist in the Covid-19 response.

Given that we had expected to be in pre-election period we were not expecting to have Planning Committee until June. We are preparing for this June meeting to be a virtual meeting in line with Government Guidance and in line with other Councils. Committee Services are currently drawing up guidelines for this, and other types of meeting, taking into account the need for accessibility, for members to be seen and to see and take part in the proceedings and the ability for the community to take part.

Emma Williamson Assistant Director-Planning

Regeneration, Planning and Development | Haringey Council

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Wot? Not the ol' rubber stamp - business as usual routine.



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