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Knotweed on our neighbours property has spread onto ours. It's owned by Homes for Haringey. I called their call call centre about it but they seem to be incapable of putting me through to anyone who can help and don't return calls. 

We need to get this sorted as we are trying to sell our house. Does anyone have any idea on what I should do? Is there team at the council that deals with landlords who let knotweed spread? I understand it's illegal to let this happen, so who enforces it? Could my councillor help? Or should I get a solicitor involved?

I realise that there's a lot going on right now for everyone but this is really worrying me, so any advice would be gratefully received.

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Sorry to say but knotweed is the landowners responsibility (one of the reasons it spreads) Personally I would remove all visible signs and keep schtum. It's not as dangerous as its reputation suggests once it's controlled.

We had a nightmare trying to deal with Homes for Haringey when our neighbour's fence and garden wall half collapsed into our garden. Because we were private owners, HfH only wanted to deal with the neighbour, their tenant, but he wasn't interested in sorting it out and in fact sent away one contractor who did turn up. It was only when I sent pictures to our ward councillor showing how dangerous it was that it finally it got sorted. So definitely contact yours asap.

Call your councillor, make a massive fuss, and then try to also sort it out on your own property asap, so as to ensure it doesn't spread too much on your side.
Call your councillor, make a massive fuss, and then try to also sort it out on your own property asap, so as to ensure it doesn't spread too much on your side.

You currently have three ward councillors. So write the email to all three councillors saying that's what you've done and politely suggesting they talk to one another and let you know which one will try to help you.

If none of them reply within a reasonable time, send a polite reminder. Then if none replies, copy both emails to the Chief Whip of their political party. 

There are also councillors nominated to the Board of Homes for Haringey (HfH). But you might also try emailing the Director.

Getting through on the phone to someone with power to do something is often deliberately difficult. This is due to a rationing and cost inflating policy called "Channel Shift". (The 'f' is silent.) This pretends to save money by sacking humans and bunging vast fortunes to software companies. It installs recorded systems which invite people to click on numbered keys interspersed with online muzak and reassuring but dishonest messages that your call is valuable.

Dealing with a highly invasive and destructive plant one garden at a time is clearly stupid and dysfunctional. There's an old joke about the need for Socialism being proved by the fact that a single house almost never gets a single mouse.



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