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I sent a parcel to Italy containing a returned jacket, via Royal Mail with the appropriate customs form diligently filled out.

It's been stuck in Italian customs since the 20th May.

The retailer is doesn't want to know, Royal Mail's response was speak to the Italian customs which of course is easier said than done.

Does anyone have any ideas  or experience of how, as a non-Italian speaker, I should deal with this?


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From experience, the Italian postal service is laughably bad - e.g. on two separate occasions it took 5+ weeks for a package to reach relatives (and this was pre Brexit and pre Covid!)

Your package may well still arrive - try tracking to see if it is still in the postal system and perhaps email the relative sorting/customs office (my written Italian is non existent but Google translate does a passable job at converting English to Italian)

Sorry to be unable to give more helpful advice

Good luck!

Thanks AB - have tried emailing the Italian post office  using Google Translate but they just say it's stuck in customs.

Hi Adam

I feel your pain but can't offer a solution sorry! I sent new baby clothes as a present to a friend in Spain via UPS in January and it only got cleared by customs (after many emails and calls) in May. Plus she had to pay €26 to release the parcel. 
I know you are talking about Italy but my understanding is none of the EU countries have a clear system in place to receive goods from individuals in the UK since #thanksbrexit . I was asked countless times for a 'Power of Attorney'. Ridiculous. 
Good luck!


I had the same, sent something end April and it arrived early July after languishing in Milan customs  (I tracked it). And 12 euros tax on receipt. I've never found a way of speeding up the Italian mail, which has always been bad but Brexit has added another layer. It should arrive though. 



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