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Due to the poorly designed Wightman changes how Many more Road Collision will occur? 

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There is another issue with this junction and a few of the others too, the road is narrower here, so when you can see it’s clear on your right to turn out, you also have to wait for a break in the traffic (give way to) coming from the left before you can turn out safely or risk a very tight squeeze!

Not the only one unfortunately - many of the up roads have equally risky exits.

It's the same at Raleigh now. It's a totally blind junction when cars are parked. Usually there's a massive white van parked there. I hate it, it's so dangerous.

At least the collisions will slow the traffic down.  Are they going to plant trees or are these areas just going to continue to be dumping grounds? Why is taking them so long?

It's an interesting question. In a year I think it will be interesting to compare the year before with the year after the changes and do a cost benefit analysis of them.

For me, as a driver (I know, lynch me) and a cyclist the traffic seems slower but the incidence of what might be described as 'near misses' is significantly higher. 

OK folks - so long as nobody here describes the mowing down  of a pedestrian  by a four- or two-wheeled vehicle on the improved carriageway or footways as a "traffic collision", I promise not to resume my occasional Latin lessons pro bono public plebis Harringensis in the near future. 



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