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How do we get our babies weighed (now H'gey has closed half the centres)?

Hi, can anyone help?

Having turned up to a locked Woodlands Park Children's Centre last month and put in a complaint to the council about an utter lack of information, I've kind of put in as much effort to getting my daughter weighed as I can bear.

Does anyone know where to find out days for baby weigh in? I don't want to individually call all the children's centres to find out.

Council response to my complaint / question was also infuriatingly uninformative. Pathetic.


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I think that's a different borough so technically Haringey families shouldn't use that health centre
Attached is timetable

It is in Hackney, but they certainly allow non-borough residents to use walk-in services. 

The Woodlands Park Children's Centre timetable is available on its website here: http://www.woodlandspark-nur.haringey.sch.uk/timetable.  There is a baby weighing session there next week (Thursday 5th May) between 1pm and 2.45pm, and the same again on 2nd June.  It is drop in and can be very busy, the last time I went (a while ago!) I was tipped off by the staff to arrive towards the end of the session for less of a wait but don't hold me to that!

Sorry you went along to find it locked.  It is only closed a few weeks a year (one at Easter, one at Christmas and two at the end of August) so that was unlucky.

Unfortunately now is a difficult time as all the staff in the remaining Haringey children's centres are coping with the transition to half the number of centres and in many cases the staff are also finding their ways around a new children's centre. But if there isn't already a new timetable for baby weighing throughout the borough, I hope there will be soon.  

I have always gone to the weigh in clinic at the medical center next door to Park Road Lesure Center. It's on Friday mornings.

It does seem to be a tricky task to find information about the weighing clinics. We've ended up going to the ones at Stuart Crescent Health Centre. They are on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month, 1:30-3:30. A bit further to walk, but can combine with some shopping in Wood Green. I can't seem to find the info on line, but I've tried to upload a photo of a poster we found.


Are new mums not granted access to a regular baby clinic any more then? I just assumed... *sigh*.

Not with the cuts in Haringey.

There really is a skeleton service left now.



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