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Today (Sunday) was the first of four Wireless festivals/concerts in Finsbury Park. I'm surprised there are no posts about it. Did it affect you? Any feedback (or photos) is being collated by the Friends of Finsbury Park.

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When my son was at Stroud Green and I knew they were setting up or taking down the infrastructure for a large event or concert, we would walk around the park instead of through it to and from school.
It was not actually much longer - it was safer, and it avoided the distractions of the playground and cafe!
I recognised that sticking to my usual route meant more danger and adapted my behaviour for a few weeks.
Just a suggestion.
So your saying that those with kids should avoid the park because LiveNation are making it too dangerous to use? What about at the weekend? What about the kids who make their own way to school, or anyone else who uses it for that matter.?Surely more needs to be done to ensure proper traffic management rather than the parks users avoiding it?
Grrrr! Late for school now.

The Evening Standard reports, Mob tramples fences as woman lies injured in new Wireless festival ....

Will scenes like this encourage Haringey Council's Cabinet to reconsider their Events policy?

Or will they say this is the responsibility of their commercial partner?

OMFG! Mary J Blige was there? I would've joined in had I known!

I imagine the police will have something to say about this before a licence is granted again... http://www.buzzfeed.com/patricksmith/chaos-at-wireless-festival-as-...

Not saying it shouldn't be, got to keep this in context. But is rather unfortunate.

It's unfortunate, but also reported in quite a melodramatic fashion. That's not my idea of a stampede, or a riot, or chaos. There don't seem to be that many security staff, which is a bit poor - you'd think they'd have anticipated that sort of thing happening.

I expect levels of security staff would be part of discussions about a repeat. I don't think you'd anticipate dozens of people trying to break through the fence en masse as a likely scenario, to be fair to them. Hence I think it's unfortunate rather than culpable. But if people now get the idea that it's good fun to have a go at doing it at events in Finsbury Park, that would certainly become rather problematic for organisers.

I live rather far (St Anns Road) but heard some terrible rap quite clearly on the first Sunday - I wish I hadn't. The rest was fairly intermittent depending on the wind.

Park damage is my main concern (apart from photographers being harangued). Maybe, rather than fruitlessly chase the festival's abolition, our councillors could push for renegotiation of the contract, so that a clause could be agreed with the organisers that they make good any damage caused within a specified timeframe, rather than provide a paltry security deposit.

Name some good rap..or is all rap terrible to you.

Good post otherwise - i reckon the security deposit should cover the cost of hiring a private firm to do the clean up quickly - Notting hill carnival seems to manage it reasonably easily. 


I don't know enough about rap (or indeed most music) to have any pre-conceptions about what is good and what is terrible. If I like what I'm hearing, it's good. If I don't, it's terrible. I didn't like what I was hearing. Ergo I labelled it terrible. Terribly shallow of me, really.

I read earlier in the thread that the deposit was £10k (don't know if that's even close to correct). Doesn't sound like a lot, but maybe I'm over-estimating the potential damage.



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