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House-trained dad available for cat/house-sitting this summer

I'm aware this is a long-shot, and that most people don't know me from Adam, let alone my dad, but I'm desperately seeking a place for him to stay around here, or anywhere else in
north/north-west London from 5th-18th August. And possibly some time in September too.

The reasons are quite complicated, but he is 78, in good health and very tidy. He would make the perfect house-sitter for anyone going away on holiday! And he is a fully trained cat feeder.

He can contribute towards bills and something extra, but can't afford a market rent right now, hence this request.

If you, or anyone you can think of might find such a person useful, or if by some chance you know of somewhere where the landlord/lady can charge a minimal rent (or wait for the rent), please let me know.

And if you are wanting references, I should be able to rustle up a mutual friend who can vouch for me (and by association, my well-behaved dad).

thanks a lot,
from not quite Harringay (Terront Road)

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Jane, I actually cannot help but think this is such a great idea and I will refer this request to anyone I know who this could fit for (long shot as you say). This is exactly the sort of opportunity which could be a life saver for both. I would not hesitate if I was away. I wish you well - please let us know how it turns out.......

Best of luck!
Pity I have not yet got my cats because when I do this is exactly what I would need should I go away for the weekend.
Hope you find something suitable

Hi Jane I tried to send you a personal message but first it requires me to be accepted as a friend /connection. Anyway if you accept me as a connection I can explain properly by sending you a personal message. Briefly we are away some of August (not the whole of the dates you mentioned I'm afraid) and at the end of August/beginning of September. I take it you have no spare room/couch for him to stay with you if all else fails?
This may or may not be of use - and we have a cat to feed too!
Hi Suze

Thanks, I have accepted you as a friend.

Unfortunately my flat is more of a corridor than a conventional flat, so would be a little awkward for him. For both of us.

I'm hoping for a "kill two birds with one stone" solution - I know how clingy my cat gets after I've been away, even if she's been well fed. She's much happier when there's someone around to make a fuss of her.

But yes, the couch is on standby!
thanks a lot for the responses below. I appreciate it was a bit of a long shot, and also relied on a large dose of trust.

My dad now has a couple of very nice places to stay in, right near where he needs to be. So the situation is sorted.

thanks again,



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