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I know there are lots of threads on here about this already, but I can't find any recent ones.

Have a 3 bed on the ladder, which is already painted on the front but must have been a while ago as it's all cracking and peeling off, plus don't think it was a very good job as lots of drips. Looking to have it all made good, and repainted. Will be a big job due to the amount of prep work, plus some ornate plaster which will need to be stripped.

Does anyone have any recommendations for someone local who could do this? Anyone had it done and could give me an idea of the cost?

Thanks all


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Speak to Ross Day - local chap who does this sort of stuff (done a lot of work on my flat)


Miles Newby did my bay window including the leafy bits at the top of pillars, I saw he made a really good job of the front of a house in my road - thorough prep and finish - and asked him for a quote. Pleasant, reliable, has a website with photos too, www.newbyandson.co.uk



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