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House painter recommendations anyone? How much should we expect to pay?

Hello there! 

Has anyone had their house painted recently and can offer a recommendation?

We're hoping to get the entire front and back done... depending on costs.

(We have pebble dashing and it hasn't been loved in a while.)

I know there's a thread on this topic but the posts are quite old and the reviews pretty mixed  so I wondered if there was any more recent suggestions?


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Ooooh - forgot to ask if anyone can offer a guide on costs too, would be much appreciated!

Have you checked out the building sheriff website for a costs estimate? Radek from London Capital Painters recommended it to me. It tells you about how much to expect based on recent quotes for work.

chap called Michael Nevrides is actually painting my front as i post this - he started on monday.    He has 40yrs exp painting properties and he lives in Whightman Road, so very local.

Michael's phone:    07905 248747 or 0208 292 9249

Radek is good value - he did our place and did a great job - his details are  07912891266 or you can email him at radektober@gmail.com  - previous recommendations here  http://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/highly-recommended-pain...

if you want to pm me - I can give you the number of the bloke we used for inside, very good price and very good finish.

Hi there,


We recently had our entire house painted by a chap called Iosif who was amazing! He did it all in a week, each room required four coats and was significantly cheaper than any other quotes we had. He is my go to "house job" man without a doubt. Let me know if you want his info. A lovely chap as well!!




Hi Katie, could you send me his number please and I'll drop him a line. Thanks!

Hi Katie

What is Iosif's contact details? Could you please email them to me too?



Could I please have Losif number .

Hi Katie.  Would be appreciative if you could pass me Losif's number also.



We have just had the outside of the house painted in Hornsey. Our painter recommended on her was Tim Guerin on 07748391292 He did an excellent job, is a really nice guy and I would have no hesitation in recommending him. He did lots of repairs around the windows and doors as well.
I recommend Carlos Fontes. He lives locally and does good work. His number is 07590 566186.



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