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We would like as many people as possible to fill in a survey on how Crouch End residents and businesses view the Hornsey Town Hall, now and in the future. The survey can be found on: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/89H9M8D and we would be grateful if you could pass it on to your networks. It should only take a few minutes to complete, ideally by 6 June. Please feel free to complete it if you like or visit Crouch End - you don't have to live there!

We have written this survey because we feel the community should be more involved in the Hornsey Town Hall development. There have been concerns about the timeframe, the facilities being built and the apparent lack of community representation on the Hornsey Town Hall Creative Trust. At the same time there are many ways that the local people could contribute to the development. Our survey mentions just a few: a growing area at the back and front of the Town Hall, a regular farmer's market and an open air cinema.

The information from the survey will strengthen our case that there should be at least one member of the Crouch End community on the Board of the Trust to represent our views and promote local projects. To give this campaign credibility we need as wide a cross-section of local opinion as possible.

We really look forward to hearing your reactions to our proposals and how you would like to be involved in taking this campaign forward.

Gillian Livingstone (Transition Crouch End)
Cathrina Hally (Transition Crouch End)
Richard Williams (Transition Crouch End)
Jo Foster (Sustainable Haringey)

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We welcome comments from anyone who visits or likes Crouch End - not just Crouch Enders! Gillian
Did you get many responses? Has the make up of the Trust changed? I have expressed some concerns in this response to Hugh's public space posting
I would suggest that the best way of improving the Hornsey Town Hall would be to raze the entire hideous eyesore to the ground and then burn all known photographs so that it could never be re-built. But then I don't go to Crouch End so I'm not all that bothered...

Hornsey Town Hall is beautiful.

Have you ever been to the Civic Centre ?

The short answers are, you must be joking, and yes!



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