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Congratulations to the residents and campaigners on Hornsey Park Road. Hornsey Park Road - the B138 - is to be given a 20mph limit or so I learned at the latest Safer Neighbourhoods Ward Panel meeting on the 30th. It's a narrow road with pavement parking. It's almost exclusively residential. It has a road running parallel to it, 20mph is a no-brainer. All these features are shared with Wightman and Alroy Roads. You might think, therefore, that the 20mph would be applied to Wightman and Alroy also? That would be a victory for reason over reality. Once again we see the incongruity of the decisions made on our behalf by those who take and spend our money with such ease. We wait with baited breath to see just what the promised £100k for Wightman will yield towards the desired aim of a managed and civilised approach to traffic and parking. Will the results compare, in effect and aesthetically, with, say, the 10 metres of new block paving on the corner beneath the Crouch End clock tower [must be at least £25k for that] or the block paved and lowered pavements on Ferme Park Road [£K?] or the wondrous rising bollards of the Gardens. I guess Hornsey Park Road is benefitting as a spin off from the Haringey Heartlands in that it connects the Heartlands regeneration to the remainder of Wood Green in a way. And Wightman Road only connects Heartlands to central London!

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Thanks for letting us know Paul. Only a matter of time for Wightman Rd I'd say ... hopefully not too long!



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