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Dear neighbours,

We are a local family who have been trying to buy a flat in the Bounds Green area for several months, but with little success. Perhaps you’re thinking of moving this year and might be interested in selling to us?

We’re not estate agents. We’re first-time buyers who have become disheartened by the buying process. We’re expecting a baby next month and are very keen to move out of our rented flat. Unfortunately, there’s not very much on the market at the moment.

We are in an excellent position financially and are chain-free. We have a deposit and an agreement in principle for a mortgage. We would be happy to buy privately to save you agency fees, or through an agent if you prefer.

If you have been considering a move, we would love to hear from you. Please DM or e-mail us at BoundsGreenFlat@gmail.com.

Kind regards,

Reen & Adam

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Have you tried here


Good luck with the search.

I haven't, but will do now. Thank you!

We've had a pretty lousy time with estate agents, so we're trying the more direct route. On two separate occasions, an agent told us that the loft space was included in the lease, and we found out later that it wasn't. Another agent lied about the length of the lease (or, more likely, didn't know and made up a number). We would give up, but the baby will, at some point, need his own room.

Thanks again. Will try to Bowes and Bounds forum.



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