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I recently used Neil Protheroe (07731 997936) to do some plumbing work in our bathroom. He did a good job, was reliable and friendly and charged a reasonable price. I'd thoroughly recommend him.

Rachael - Burgoyne Road, N4

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I second Rachaels view, Neil is excellent

well well - more accolades for Superplumber Neil.  I guess my 2 friends and I were just really unlucky.........

I don't see any problem with this sarcasm. It must be pretty annoying to see praise for someone who has let you down..... 

I have not the same experience. I have found Neil unreliable and am now having his recent work re-checked by another plumber. I'm sure you made this recommendation in good faith but I've been let down by Neil on 2 occasions when he said he would come and finish a job, but on both occasions he did not turn up or text / phone me to say he was not coming. 



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