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Resurfacing starting tomorrow for three days. If you don't want the Council moving your car, you need to move it before start of play tomorrow.

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And this time, it really has started. Yay!
I saw at the bottom of Allison this morning a notice that they're resurfacing that on 16-17th. Anyone know any more. Not such good news fro any Hewittite who's parked their car there.
Yes, not such good news, the sign wasnt there when i moved my car on the fourteenth, I had no way of knowing they were going to do alison road next. ive received a penalty charge notice from the council. I feel this is particularly bad as how was i meant to know? I moved my car off hewitt road, like a good citizen but have been fined because the council hadnt informed me fully of their plans which ould have allowed me to not park on allison road if i knew it was next. anyone else been caught out?
I thought this would happen. It's very naughty. There were at least three opportunities for the Council to have prevented this:

1. We had letters put though our door on 13th informing us of the Hewitt works. They were signed by Laurence Pratt, Team Leader, Highways Maintenance. He or his team must have been aware of the works due to start in Allison on the 16th, the day after the Hewitt works started. This information should have been included in in our letter.

2. As far as I'm aware signs warning of the roadworks on Allison were put up in Allison on 15th - after Hewitt folks had already moved their cars.

3. No signs were put up in Hewitt, as far as I'm aware. Had they been used, they could have included a warning about the Allison works.

Naughty Council. Naughty, naughty Council.

As it happens I was calling the Council this morning and after my call spoke with Gary Weston at Parking Control (020 8489 1709). I explained the situation to him and he's promised to get back to us.
Thanks for the kind support hugh, it is much valued.
yes me. Thanks for heads up on this Hugh, have just collected my car (and ticket) from the top of Allison as a result.

Im challenging it of course... As Hugh suggested i noticed nothing on Allison or Hewitt regarding works on Allison when i moved my car over on the 14th. There were about half a dozen other cars at the top end all with tickets. Thankfully got there before they got round to towing away

I suggest anyone else in the same boat challenges their penalty charge on the grounds that there "has been a procedural improprierty on the part of the enforcement authority" ie no road closure notification or suspension bay signage to neighbouring streets. Let see how they deal with this
You never know ole Gazzer may come up trumps.
Who lives on Hewitt Rd that it is being resurfaced before the others. Don't tell me the potholes are worse than Hampden, they're about the same.

Is it because it's full of middle class voting families and home to the only independent candidate?
Quite right too. Notice how only the WRN4RA stretch of Wightman (home to milords WightmanPaul and OAE) has been resurfaced. Standards must be maintained. Down, Peasants!
Don't be ridiculous John. I've told you, we invested heavily in bribes - equally to all parties.
(Labour councillor & candidate Tottenham Hale ward.)

Like many people, I've been reporting potholes; and now road surfaces next to potholes which are breaking up. Given discussion in this thread, allow me to make a confession. Despite being a borough councillor, I've reported only the known-knowns - as Donald Rumsfeld once said. In other words, roads with potholes which I know about. This was because I happened to walk there; or when a resident complained to me, I went and took a look.

Now, there must be hundreds of roads with potholes of which I am unaware - the 'known-unknowns'. Not only have I failed to report these, it's not impossible that some are potholes of note. A few quite remarkable, or perhaps of special scientific interest? After all, who can say with confidence that there are none leading down to prehistoric caves or tube platforms?

A further disclosure. At least one street in my Tottenham Hale ward - Windsor Road - had emergency resurfacing. Given the obvious connotations, HoL would clearly expect me to give an unreserved public assurance that no member of the Royal Family lives in this road. I cannot give any such an assurance.

All I can do is to pass on the answer I received from Haringey Highways maintenance team in response to a councillor's enquiry about the criteria for emergency road resurfacing. The attached file lists emergency resurfaced roads in the borough.

----- Original Message -----
Sent : Friday, April 16, 2010 10:11 AM

Dear Councillor Stanton, I refer to your email concerning the emergency road resurfacing programme for the London Borough of Haringey. I have attached the documentation for your information (as requested).
Decisions to resurface a road are mainly based on the results of annual condition surveys conducted by external consultants (on behalf of the council). The surveys provide road condition indices which are a measure of road condition and are used to recommend the resurfacing treatment for the roads.

You will agree with me that the adverse weather conditions experienced during the last winter accelerated deterioration of a substantial number of the local road network. So in addition to the survey results, we have also utilised information on pothole sightings received from our inspectors, ward councillors, members of the public and other stakeholders such as London Buses to aid our recommendations for resurfacing.
Great news. Gary Weston (see above) has just got back to me and confirmed that all fines issued on Hewitt, Allison & Warham last Friday will be cancelled. Technically, this blanket cancellation covers any Code 21 notice issued. i.e. a notice issued to a motorist with a valid parking permit who parked in a bay suspended for the road works.

After HoL first alerted the parking service to the issue, they received a total of over 40 complaints! Gary said they'll be going through a process to establish what lessons they can learn for the future.

If you're concerned about your particular fine relating to this issue, it'd be worth dropping him an email gary.weston@haringey.gov.uk



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