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I was totally appalled this morning to find a PCN on my car parked in Allison Road (due to the resurfacing of Hewitt Road) - apparently a suspension notice had been erected last night - as there definitely was not one yesterday morning. This for me exemplifies the totally disregard that the Council seems to have for law abiding residents and the complete disjointed working arrangements that seem to permeate.

I have lodged a complaint and have been advised to appeal the PCN. - which in itself is absolutely disgraceful - I will also be wanting a response from my local councillors on this shambolic situation. If anyone else has found themselves in the same situation please let me know as I am so angry that I am considering escalating this to the Local Authority Ombusdman.

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Paul, let me have some more details and contact details for you and I will follow it up. My e-mail address is karen.alexander.haringeylibdems@googlemail.com or you can get my council e-mail address from the Haringey council website.
Thank you, Karen, I will do that. Paul
Hi Karen, as of yesterday when I spoke to Brian Skinner, my PCN had not been cancelled, how will we know for sure? I've sent several e-mails to Hari Poudel and Laurence Pratt and I'm getting nowhere.
Sarita, follow my link below and contact Gary Weston.
Thanks Hugh
Let me have the details of the PCN and I will double check for you. You can e-mail me on karen.alexander.haringeylibdems@googlemail.com.
Good news - HoL has been contacted by Haringey Council to confirm that all fines arising from the recent Hewitt/Allison/Warham resurfacing work will be cancelled. See my post on the other thread running on this issue.
its true, just got a letter through the post, but what a waste of everyones time this has been!
Nobody can argue with that, Tom. A dispiriting waste of time and effort - including for the staff in Haringey Parking Service.

And probably a waste of money as well. As John Seddon explains: " The cost of service reduces only as you get it right. You cut out the major cost - waste".

(Labour councillor & candidate Tottenham Hale ward.)
Now the roads have been re-surfaced we have the problem of cars speeding up Allison Road. Really dangerous: and not much margin for error.
Are speed bumps going to be laid?
Get their registration numbers and report them to the police. It takes a hell of a lot of accelerator to get up that hill at speed, these are people who NEED a ticket.

I take it you're not asking for a speed hump outside your house but outside someone else's.
Do we have any community speeding guns, I think the local SNT have some?



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