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I was totally appalled this morning to find a PCN on my car parked in Allison Road (due to the resurfacing of Hewitt Road) - apparently a suspension notice had been erected last night - as there definitely was not one yesterday morning. This for me exemplifies the totally disregard that the Council seems to have for law abiding residents and the complete disjointed working arrangements that seem to permeate.

I have lodged a complaint and have been advised to appeal the PCN. - which in itself is absolutely disgraceful - I will also be wanting a response from my local councillors on this shambolic situation. If anyone else has found themselves in the same situation please let me know as I am so angry that I am considering escalating this to the Local Authority Ombusdman.

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Probably dropped in the wrong zone so you get a ticket anyway :-)
This is a total shambles, how did the council manage to get this so wrong!!! I will be discussing this with the Head of Parking on Monday morning and asking that this situation is resolved as quickly as possible and I shall be asking that common sense prevails and all tickets issued to residents caught up in this have their tickets cancelled. Happy for any other resident affected to e-mail me on karen.alexander.haringeylibdems@googlemail.com so I can add weight to the case.

Cllr Karen Alexander
Whether the Nation's future is to be decided on the playing fields of Eton or by the values Gordon's father inculcated in him in the Manse, it seems Harringay's future is to be fought out on the bitmac slopes of Hewitt and Allison.
Who'd be a Head of Parking in Haringey? You come in with a hangover on Monday morning, stumble onto Harringayonline before you even get a coffee, then have both your ears blistered simultaneously from Nora and Karen. And there's not even a flight out of the country before May 6th. Lucky the Greens and Independents haven't even discovered the Ladder yet . . . .
If this is pure officer bungling (rather than policy), does the Council have any authority to relieve incompetent staff of their duties?
6th May you all can vent your feelings at the ballot box !!!
This council has treated us with contempt for years, over parking issues.
Was just over on Allison, and was very surprised to find that no-one was working at 2 pm or thereabouts. Why on earth not?
Someone told them that you were coming over to check up on them and they hid in the passage.
lazy gits.
I have just spoken to the Parking Operations Manager at Haringey Council Parking Services. All the tickets issued on Friday 16th April to residents with valid parking permits on Allison Road will be cancelled automatically. This has been confirmed by the Appeals Department. If anyone experiences any further problems please don't hesitate to contact me.

Cllr Karen Alexander
Well done. Karen. Did you see the other post. Would this exemption count in that case too?
I've had a look at the other post regarding residents being away, and having their cars towed to another street and ticketed (in relation to the discussion on resurfacing work in Hewitt Road). I have contacted the Parking Department for some further clarity in these circumstances. I'll keep you posted.

Cllr Karen Alexander
Karen - another one.

I moved my car from Hewitt to Allison early on Thursday 15th April, and when I went to pick it up on Saturday 17th in the morning I had a parking notice on the windscreen and the car had clearly been towed around a bit. In my case the envelope on the windscreen was empty, but obviously I'm concerned that a fine might be due.

Short of clairvoyance I don't know how I could have predicted that the road I moved my car to was also about to be resurfaced!

Any help much appreciated.




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