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What is happening about the road resurfacing in Hermitage Road? It was announced to take place between 14 and 16 October, but on Friday 16 the work was nowhere near completed (the surface had been removed but resurfacing had not even begun). Since then nothing has happened and all the equipment has been removed. The notices still say 14-16 October.

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I've seen a new sign saying the work will be done tomorrow. Let's hope they finish - it's anarchy out there with the barrier removed!

I emailed the people on the letter who are carrying out the work and they said they stopped due to a machinery fault and are finishing the work tomorrow from 7.30 am to 6.00 pm and you are again not allowed to park on the road where the signs are at all during this time . They said hopefully after this time the works will be finished and parking will go back to normal.

This means again that our rubbish and recycling will not be collected again for another week

You probably noticed but it's being resurfaced today, and the workmen told me they should be done by 5pm.

Blimey we are being spoilt !

Anyone else concerned about the speed bumps having been removed?

concerned about them being left on the pavement forever !
They were put there before the road was blocked off as people used to fly from the top end of the road to the bottom to get to the Tottenham end. I would not be so concerned now about people speeding down the road as everyone driving on the road must have somewhere short to go but one of the workmen told me last week that they are putting speed bumps back of that is true or not remains to be seen.

The head of the work team told me yesterday that they would put the speed bumps and bollards back. When this will happen though...

I'm really nervous about this. I would suggest that, unless the barriers and speed bumps are returned as soon as the resurfacing is completed, we contact David Lammy, our MP. You can email him at mail@davidlammy.co.uk I am really nervous about the road turning into a shortcut to Green Lanes.

It has taken over two months between resurfacing and replacement of speed bumps in Raleigh Road. It has been like a Formula 1 racetrack at times. Have had to do a lot of pestering of the Highways department. Contractors finally turned up and started work this week. They were supposed to finish today but so far no show (possibly because new street lamps were being installed). My advice is to nag and nag some more.
Thank you. That's good.

Hello fellow Hermitage road people, given the speed bumps have still not been put back, perhaps it would help if we keep reporting the lack of speedbumps on the council website here:


Also some suggestions from Alan here of councillors to contact to report this: http://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/speed-bumps-removed-fro...

I'm worried it will take two months or more like Jane mentioned was the case in Raleigh Road... If a bunch of us report the missing speedbumps it might hurry them up a little...

Very helpful. Have reported it, and will continue to do so until they take some action



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