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Behind my house there is a small quite cul de sac called Colton Gardens, which consist of about 16 homes.

Its a quiet residential area, however due to its quite location, there are always groups of young males hanging about in their cars nearly every single night, leaving behind countless amounts of litter from drink bottles to cream charger canisters with the smell of weed in the air. You also get alot cars parking up with couples inside with the windows steamy (you get the jist) 

The council has recently upgraded the lighting from the yellow bulb lamp post to the bright LED ones but this has not deterred the Loiterers.

There are not causing any danger to public in terms of threatening behavior but it is ruining the area at night time as it seems to have turned into a hotspot for hanging out as the cars that come are different on most days.

What can be done to sort this as the litter is getting out of hand seen as harringey street cleaners only come round every Tuesday. 

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Perhaps a prominently displayed CCTV Notice would have some effect....?
Love the 'reserved for drug taking, hookers' suggestion. I have come across individuals engaging in sexual acts in vehicles on 2-3 occasions on our street. It's one of those things you don't consciously realise because it's so unexpected, but on one occasion a lady arose from behind the dashboard, and as I walked by the man sat down with partly lifted trousers pretending to be on his mobile. Aaaawkward.

Ten points for the excellent double entendre! 

Hit them with humour! 

Firstly, I note that you could ask the neighbours if they would like to park their cars in the close - thus filling all the parking spaces. It would only take two parked across the entrance to block access right off. 

The other thing is to park them in zig zag, so it becomes very awkward for them to get cars in. 

If you know what time they start coming in, stick a couple of these in the back of parked cars at the entrance and leave them on. 


Jamal is quite quietly observant - doggedly so, I'd say.

Nothing of what anyone has mentioned has been helpful.. rather just making it into a joke or giving their own experiences

I have tried all avenues accessible to me, complained to the council, hence the brighter street lamps now, apart from that there is not much they can do I guess unless they make the cul de sac a private access road which i very highly doubt. 

Once I called to say people where dealing with a single BMW car parked and multiple other cars coming in out the cul de sac making exchanges with the driver of the BMW.  Police didn't bother to even turn up.

Another time the smell of weed was so strong in the air, i called the police and they said "there's nothing we can do" but when they pull people over and they find they have THC in their system they get points or banned. Why not stop it from the source and act upon the intel given before the driver even gets behind the wheel.

I guess nothing will be done, just have to avoid stepping on the used condoms, empty cream charger canisters and not tripping up over empty vodka and coke bottles (Y)


As I said, park your cars at the entrance road in such a way as to make it awkward for other cars to get in. 

Like this _ - _ -  Get local residents to park their cars there  to fill up the spaces and yes, the blue light trick works - its like a scarecrow.  

i assume you have never been to colton gardens, the people  loiter at the entrance of the road which parking is only available on the right side of the road, the left side there is no parking as its garage entrances for the adjacent houses, therefore the zigzag option is not possible, besides no one really wants to even park there as there are no houses over looking. 

I have seen it on Google maps. So, contact the owners of those garages and explain the problem to them. Ask them to park outside their garages rather than in them. 

No one parks their cars in the garage anyway, they all park on the road in front of their houses, no one would park behind their house where they cant keep an eye on it

My suggestion about putting up a CCTV sign was a perfectly serious one.  If they think they are under surveillance that might put them off.



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