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HELP! LOST B/W cat/skinny kitten ROSEBERRY GARDENS!!! 8pm TONIGHT,

Please please please, if you live on the even number side of roseberry gardens or in the surrounding area can you please have a look in your gardens for my cat? She is a house cat (she's only just of age to go out) so she will be frightened. We live at 2 roseberry gardens and she fell from an open window tonight.

Can you please ring me on 07926736612 if you see her?

Please, please, please! She means the world to me x


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Did you find her?

What a lovely cat! Hope you find her soon and hope she is microchipped.

It's a good idea to empty the contents of your hoover outside and her cat litter from her tray - as she will recognise the scent even from far away.

If you put this post under Pets, more people likely to see it than in No Category Chosen.

That is great news! I'm so pleased for you. I would get her microchipped if not done before. I bet she's glad to be home!



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