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Help I have an integrated zanussi fridge freezer. The light is on but it seems to have stopped cooling so I guess the motor isn’t working. There is no sound. It is full, both freezer and fridge, as just had deliveries yesterday. Does anyone know a repairer or a firm who can quickly deliver and install a new one? Thanks!

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I think your guess is right, my suspicion is that the compressor has stopped (this could be for a few reasons, but given this heat, and power supply issues we've had recently, overload is a good shout!).

I'm afraid I can't help with the name of a good technician, but given your immediate problem with the deliveries there is something that is worth a try while you're waiting.

If you are able to switch the power off to the fridge, leave it off for about two hours and turn it on again, you may find it comes back to life. With integrated units this may not be entirely easy, there may be a switch nearby, perhaps in the back of a cupboard, but if it's directly wired then you may need to find the fuse and switch that off (or remove it).

May be able to help. They will certainly sell you a new unit.

Strangely after pressing the temperature buttons several times it started working again but it seems to be struggling. Thanks for you advice. Will go and have a chat with Hornsey Appliance Centre.

Good plan. It might be that there isn't enough airflow (quite common with integrated units) so vacuuming around / under the vent at the bottom (and under the fridge if you can) and checking no obstructions might be the issue. Also if you can try pulling it out from the wall at the back slightly as this will allow more air to flow.

Thank you very much for your kind and helpful advice. I went to Hornsey Appliances who had one make in stock so no hard decision to make. They delivered and installed this evening. A bit pricey compared to the internet price but well worth it as I got delivery, installation and the took the old one away. 



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