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I have come across a homeless young man who I feel really needs some help and wondering how to go about it.  He's from Bulgaria and he's is only 17.  He sits outside of Iceland on Green Lanes every day and he sleeps in various places but cant tell me where. I contacted Streetlink but they need to know a sleeping location before they can locate people. He doesn't really speak any English so its been very hard to communicate with him but as far as I can tell he came here recently when his mother died. He does have a passport but I'm not sure how he got here. He says he doesn't have family here. I gave him a phone and some credit as he wanted to contact family,  I think back home,  on Facebook. As far as I can make out he wants to go back to Bulgaria. I've been communicating via Google translate but its its very hard to understand what he says.  I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to help him as I can see he's going downhill and is very vulnerable.  Are there any  Bulgarian people out there who could maybe have a word with him  to find out more of his situation so I can maybe help more  or a Bulgarian organisation that could help him? 

I'd be grateful for any ideas



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susan - thank you for caring

I cant copy the link - but googled and found something called Bulgarians in London. They have a contact email so may be able to speak to him?

Hello Kate

Thanks for that. I'll contact them and try other sources too



There is a drop in service for Bulgarian citizens at Wood Green Library.

The service used to run on Friday morning, but better check.

This is the email address bgcentreuk@gmail.com phone number 07585 494943. 

They are also at Fore Street Library in Edmonton.

Hello Thanks a lot for this I will give them a try

You could try Barka UK


Hi, has he contacted his embassy? They should help with repatriating a minor.

The Pavement Magazine has an up to date list of London services - it's a magazine produced for people experiencing homelessness and most of their team have been homeless themselves so their info and advice tends to be more useful than some other sites: https://www.thepavement.org.uk/services?city=1 

If he can get to North London Action for Homelessness in Stoke Newington they'd be able to offer a range of support - they have people there who speak Eastern European languages, but if there's no-one who speaks Bulgarian they'll have access to language line: https://www.nlah.org.uk/about/

It might be worth running there about us page through google translate so it's in sort of Bulgarian and printing it out for him



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