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I realise this isn't a new topic but have had trouble finding a plumber/heating engineer to do a job that is more than a quick fix. We want to install a thermostat on a very old (back boiler) boiler system and move some radiators around. Anyone have any suggestions?

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You could try Simon Bull 07949466202. He is a heating engineer and plumber who did some work for me and seems reliable and intelligent.

I can strongly recommend Alec Morrow (Integrated Heating Ltd): alecmorrow@blueyonder.co.uk 07810888754

The work he did for me was excellent. Nice man.

I just used Pete The Leak/Dr Drip again and was reminded of how responsive and professional he is - 079 7315 2963.

I'd recommend Warm House services - they had fitted the heating system in the house when we moved in, and I used them to service it through the last years.

info@warmhouseservices.com / http://warmhouseservices.co.uk/



Local, GasSafe certified, insured and reliable 

I'm one of them ;)

Thanks everyone for tips! Really helpful 



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