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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Along with the Library Wall, the Warehouse District's hip East End is sporting another interesting wall adornment - a heat reactive mural that responds to the heat of your palm. Thanks to Hande for the photos.

I've just got to get down there and have a play with that one!

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It's fun!

Reminds me of office christmas party photocopy machine 'art' - playful and ironic

Like those T-shirts from the 90s

That's fantastic! What about one in the passage?!

Great idea. I'd say if people want one, (and we can find a wall as a home), we should go for it. I'm sure we could find/contribute funding. 

Well funnily enough at the friends of the Harringay passage meeting last week we were talking about the fact that the passage between Fairfax and Effingham is so much wider than the other ones, giving a bit more opportunity to do something with the space without obstructing people's way. But obviously the key issue would be finding a wall that someone is happy to have painted.

Failing that, there is a bit of wall between Hewitt and Seymour that keeps being painted on ...

I guess what would be ideal was if someone knew one of the owners of the houses.

As it happens, the other thing from the FoHP meeting last week was to look at putting a FoHP noticeboard up on one of the walls in that section of the passage, so i've just been chating with some of the people in the houses there about doing that, and they were fine with it, so i'd guess they will be ok for some art there too. I've also talked to the council if they're ok with it and they were fine as well. Might need to get a more formal signature at some point or decdie which is the best wall and make sure to talk to that house, but think its ok to take this further for now.  

If you flick over to the Library Wall post, you'll see that Hannie has left a comment there. She's a good place to start if you want to talk to the same folk who did the Warehouse District one.

I think you meant to say between Fairfax and Effingham

You're so right - I always get Fairfax and Falkland mixed up. I'll amend the post just to avoid any confusion!

I have to admit I sometimes get mixed up with Fairfax and Frobisher.

The Falkland Road end of the passage has its own artwork



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