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Have you lost your ginger cat? Found on Hewitt Road

A gorgeous ginger male cat has just left our front garden (Fri, 7pm), looking lost and wearing a collar (though no ID.) He has wondered away but we don't think very far, and may return as he's had some cat biscuits! Phone 07980 591375 for further details.

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We have had a visitor on Beresford Road and he looks very like this cat, though our intruder didn’t wear a collar. He (I assume it’s a ‘he’, as ginger tabbies are mostly male) has been able to climb up our cat ramp to the first floor window and enter the flat via the cat flap. He has come in three times in the past week, much to the consternation of my two cats. He looks well fed and presents as confident. 

Hello, Anka,

I didn’t feed him. I scooted him out via the cat flap. In hindsight, I don’t think my intruder is the same one, as it would be hard for a cat to travel through the terraced houses - I think it was just a coincidence, though both cats do look very similar.



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