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I went past the Harringay Arms in Crouch End last night and it's closed with the windows covered in metal shutters. Does anybody know whether it's gone for good? I found something on twitter about a licensing issue, but not sure whether that's the case.

It would be a great shame if so. I liked its unreconstructed 'old man's pub' charm. And the amazing black cat that used to sleep in the boxes of crisps on the counter.


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sorry don't know about Harringay Arms but the Alex on Park Road has also been closed frequently according to a young man who went past as we waited outside earlier this week for other members of the Neighbourhood Forum's Environment Group. We had arranged to hold a meeting there and a woman arrived who was rather cross because she had booked a table for 6. There was no explanation for closure on the door- pity, it too used to be an old-fashioned pub-clean, warm and friendly. 

Apparently it's been taken over by Enterprise Inns. 

Very sad :-/

The Henry Reader is also closed. I was told for a refit but suspect it's shut for good. Pubs are failing across the UK at a massive rate. Crouch Enders spend more in coffee shops than in pubs.

Crouch end has largely escaped pub closures . Heres a bit more detail on both Harringay Arms and Henry Reader http://opinion8.ning.com/forum/topics/harringay-arms-to-close-on-4t...

The Henry Reader has been taken over by the team who run The Prince in Wood Green and The Dukes Head in Highgate. I was having a chat with the guys a few weeks back. Not sure when it's due reopen though.

The North London man at CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale) told me that Enterprise Inns have taken back the pub and intend "bringing it up to spec" before re-opening. That's what they say anyway.

does nobody have info re Alex?



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