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Hi guys,

After the binmen came this week, one of the two black bins we have went missing.

This is also the case for two neighbours to the left of us. 

So i was wondering if any of your bins have gone missing lately.

I think the council stole it, as when i reported it, they decided to tell me they are trying to make up a £20 million budget hole, and that a new bin is £30.

Curious? Exactly!



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Yes, we're missing a wheelie bin too.

happened to us a couple of months ago, but it was our recycling bin, see here: 


Sounds like you've bin framed!

Two weeks ago our food bin was not collected and was full so we called to complain. We were answered at the council by a guy saying that he didn't personally see the point in a food bin but they would come and empty it. Lo and behold the next day it was gone (maybe emptied but definitely taken away). Now all the food waste goes in the black bin which with a fortnightly collection is definitely going to become fragrant when the weather warms up again.

I have never lived in a council area with a worse attitude to waste collection.

My recycling bin disappeared  a few weeks ago, I think it was knicked though. I now have them painted with my address on so shouldn’t go far

You mention "one of" your black general waste bins. I've known other councils (not Haringey) take back a bin if a property has more than one, could that be the reason perhaps?



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