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Was at Stuart Crescent Health center the other afternoon

No normal full parking spaces with Council Permits and Car Park looked Empty

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No - public servants are not eligible although a lot will be working from home. 

I thought that furlough was only available to organisations up to a certain size. A lot of the work that takes place in the Civic Centre building relates to meetings of a kind that can  be relocated to online video meetings etc, and this must reduce the need for use of Council parking permits etc.

I don't work for the council but have just finished my second two year term as a non councillor Scrutiny representative, and those meetings where they have taken place have all been online since March, and this will mean that officers, councillors and anyone else involved is probably logging in at home and won't be having to drive home from a meeting which ends at 10 pm or later! Also reduced need for Reception and Security and working out of normal office hours presumably for those staff.

I work at a different London Borough, but in my organisation most office based staff have been working at home since March. I've been in my "work" borough exactly twice in the last eight months, on both occasions it was en route to somewhere else. My own team have only been into the office on a few occasions (e.g. for laptop repairs or to collect equipment), and only a few people go in routinely.



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