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Thought residents would be interested in an update on this scheme.

Harringay Ward Additional Licensing Scheme Info for Residents


The Harringay Ward Additional HMO licensing scheme has been operational since October 2011.

The aim of this scheme is to target landlords of HMO accommodation who are clearly not managing their properties effectively and improve this through the licensing process.

There is a team of three officers working within the Housing Improvement Team (Private Sector) who dedicate part of their working week on the Harringay Ward Licensing programme.

Their role is to process licensing application forms as well as try to target those property owners which we know should be licensed but are currently not being complaint.
You can contact this team by email using the address below if you wish to log any information pertaining to a property.


Since the scheme started we have received license applications for 185 HMO owners. Of these just over half have had their licences granted. As part of this process we wrote to 98 Portfolio Landlords who we know collectively own 218 licensable HMO properties in the area. So far we have received 86 application forms in relation to these properties. So we know that targeting portfolio landlords is a good method of developing landlord engagement.

Our officers are also in the process of targeting Turnpike Lane. Survey work on all properties has been undertaken and follow up enforcement activity is now underway.

Following complaints from local residents, several properties in Seymour Road (on the Harringay Ladder) are now also under investigation. This includes one property which appears to have been illegally converted into 9 units. This property and its occupants is causing particular problems associated with anti-social behaviour for those neighbours living in the vicinity.


As well as some recent successful prosecutions, the team working on the Harringay Ward Licensing scheme currently have 5 cases waiting to be heard by the Courts for non compliance with licensing requirements.

Read more about recent enforcement action using the links below:


Info for Residents

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Thank you Karen

Do you happen to know if St Ann's ward is also part of this scheme?

It's just Harringay ward as far as I know, but I've no idea if the council has any plans to expand it.



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