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The council have put out a draft Request for Quotation for a Transport Study of the Harringay area and are asking for comments - to Razak.Mahama@haringey.gov.uk - by the 6th of November.

The link to the page on the council website page about it is:  http://www.haringey.gov.uk/parking-roads-and-travel/roads-and-stree... or the document itself is attached here: Green%20Lanes%20Transport%20Study%20Brief.pdf.

Will be interesting to see how it plays out. From the historical traffic changes in the area we've some reason to be nervous, so for example, its interesting to see what is and isn't included in meeting notes from the traffic meeting mentioned in section 1.4 - no mention at all of the Hewitt No Right Turn prompting the meeting to happen or of the problems that the Hewitt change has caused. And the establishing a stakeholder group of key representatives, which from previous similar groups often seem to be dominated by a few and not always serve some residents so well. But lets be optimistic for now...

As is the councils way, the document is uncopyable text so i can't cutNpaste it in here so here are the pages as scanned images: 


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Also worth pointing out that traffic levels on Green Lanes (and in Haringey generally) is in decline. Since Hermitage Rd et al were closed in 2000-ish, traffic on Green Lanes has reduced by ~20%. Even more reason to keep the through traffic out of residential areas - the capacity is there on the main roads to accomodate that through traffic.

Well so much for an objective transport 'study'.  Wightman residents don't live in a 'street', they live on a 'route'.  I can hear the then Cabinet member for Environment telling us at Area Assembly in 2006 that Wightman is a 'trunk road'.  I would suggest that as part of this work, the successful bidder calculate the average width of Wightman and the percentage of non-residential along its length, compare the results of the calculation with surrounding 'streets' then decide on whether it is appropriate for it to be classified as a 'route' any more than say Burgoyne.

In my view it is the entrenched attitude that Wightman is a 'route', deriving from the fact that it runs north-south [roughly] that has led to many of the other issues in the area.  Would streets east of Green Lanes be closed if Wightman did not exist?

Yes exactly! The key to all of Harringay's traffic problems is Wightman Rd. Close it off at either end.

Not just Harringay's traffic problems. Parkside Malvern residents have a long running gripe about traffic on Hornsey Park Road, traffic which has just or is about to use Wightman. Sorting out Wightman would have benefits way beyond the immediate area.

Well it may cause problems for Endymion Rd at the bottom of Finsbury Park but if east/west traffic was not allowed to cut through the ladder to save on traffic lights then we would not have as much congestion on Green Lanes so north/south commuters, which make up a third of the ladder's through traffic by my estimates, would prefer to use the A105 anyway. Phasing the lights at the bottom of the park to encourage Green Lanes flow might help with the Christmas Williamson Rd problems too. The solutions are all as possible as the Hewitt Rd no-right-turn, it's just whether or not there is political will.

Paul and John, I suspect we'll still be advancing this totally logical case for Wightman to the next Traffic Study in late 2065.

I know that they don't want to do it because it's politically harmful to close off streets like this but it's the only thing that's fair to everyone in Harringay.

Thanks for posting. As its Nov 6th, I've emailed my view on Harringay's traffic to Razak.Mahama@haringey.gov.uk



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