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I’m sure other people have noticed there are always dozens of pigeons each morning and throughout the day on the approach to Harringay station from Wiggtman road. Although the same street has a permanently overflowing large waste bin at the top and some fly tipping (also a problem!) it always seems to be lower down the road on the tarmac they are pecking at. Is someone stupidly throwing seed down or something? 

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Someone who lives in the flats feeds them every morning

Dear me. I’m not proud to say this but I actually find them quite scary in the morning if I’m the only person walking past. I guess I wouldn’t have been cut out for trafalgar square in the past! 

I'm not surprised. There are so many of them they are like rats! Not sure why that person is encouraging them

Pigeons are known to be a health hazard.  Unfortunately, you can only shoot them if they are on your own land.



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