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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

A cheerful group of people turned up for Harringay's second cashmob at Michili's. Well done to Shilpa for getting this one going.

A big hi to the Harringay Onliners I met there - amongst whom welcome to Harringay's newest resident who finished moving in at 4 this morning!

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Ditto. The fruit & veg is excellent & so reasonably priced.

Did you get the full story from her Hugh ? Sweet and amazing (for us anyway!) 

I bought the largest radish in the world there!!!  Which I will enjoy with some dips and bread : )

Thanks Hugh and thanks to everyone who came along in support of the event, even in the rain! We think around 60-70 people came along in total. Andreas, Julia, Mehmet were really pleased. They got to see a lot of old friends who came out in support and were excited about how many new people came along too.

Thanks to everyone who helped - leafletting, passing on info to friends and neighbours, bringing snacks (yummy samosas!). And thanks of course to Andreas, Julia and Sultana for the delicious snacks they put on for us all.

Malcolm took some photoas - we'll be posting some of these up soon.

Please continue to use the shop - a great place to get your warming winter veg, nuts and seeds, olives for a treat or dinner party nibbles, pots to impress guests or for christmas pressies.

Love Shilpa

Some beautiful photos by Malcolm Hadley, who was one of the many lovely neighbours I met for the first time today!




See you got the CmobCiville Paperli too! 

How are your mobs going? We did our first one a couple of months back and got soaked then too!

Goodonya guys. Keep up the good work. Is there a UK CMob network as yet, do you know? The only things I've seen are instances where people seem to be trying to hijack the movement for self-promotion or to set up a marketing businesses - which for me totally misses the point. I haven't found anything simply established for connecting and sharing.

Via Rob's blog we get to;

Cash Mobbers, which they say, 'is the first site to be developed by Means of Exchange, a UK-based organisation focusing on methods of economic self-sufficiency. Our primary interest is how emerging, everyday technologies can be used to democratise opportunities for economic self-sufficiency, rebuild local communities and promote a return to local resource use.'

I ended up missing it too, due to doing a conference in London.  But I shall pop in their later.



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