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Hey everyone,

So I decided to renew my parking permit online this year with Harringay Council (last month). It's getting really close to my current permit's expiry date and haven't yet received my new one in the post. Today my sister checked the PDF files I created of the receipt and noticed "View printable pdf version of your permit" hyperlinked! I completely missed it and now have no way to return to the page and print my out permit.

Contacted Parking Services who said there's NOTHING they can do at this current time, I'm aware they're currently undergoing system upgrades (which will take a week?). I know it's my mistake, but is there no way I can get a letter or some form of 'exception' until the systems are live? I've got all the details, it's not like I'm trying to cheat the system (they've even got my money).

Has anyone else been in a similar situation with Parking Services? I was hoping they'd have some sort of process in place while their systems undergo upgrades, but I was wrong.

That's why I'm turning to the trusted HOL community for help! What would you do in my situation?



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Try this thread. (And remember BBU, we're here for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health!)

Thanks Hugh!

I'd stick a note behind the windscreen 'Permit renewed on (date)' and explaining why it's not printed. Not a guarantee that you won't get a ticket, but better than not displaying anything (you're supposed to display the permit). Or get something in writing from them, if not an email then go to their office and have them confirm in writing what they just told you, perhaps tricky to get but at least it's not just words over the phone. Or park outside a CPZ for a week :(. Don't know why you can't return to your permit page, but if you're not IT-fluent then get someone to have a look for you? Good luck!

I think they only give you one chance to print in case you make multiple copies to sell! They should be able to issue it in person if you go to the office, especially if the payment has gone through. I've got to do this soon and a bit nervous as my printer is rather temperamental.

Maddy, you can save the PDF file they give you, and print a million copies if you want, so that's not it. It's just an incredibly s**t system, that's all.

Thanks for the advice everyone; I've sent an email to them explaining my predicament, I'm hoping to follow up with a call tomorrow (I believe their systems are back online after the 10th). I'll let you know what happens, hopefully this could help someone else in the future.



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