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The Harringay Ladder Jumble Trail is back!

Do you have lots of stuff you’ve been meaning to get rid of? Or fancy a day out meeting the neighbours and finding new things?

Perhaps you are an artist, maker or baker and would like to sell your creations?

This is a community event, organised by locals and open to everyone. 

It’s easy to be involved – register, choose your place on the map and set up a stall in your front garden, or pop around the neighbours’ gardens to purchase from them.

Sign up your stall here!

There is a fee of £4 per stall part of which goes to the running of the excellent Jumble Trail website and part of which goes to promotional materials for the event.

Facebook event page here! Invite your friends

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That's great. I believe the date is 19th June. You might need to re-do the links.

Thanks Justine. Have done that : )

We are signed up on Lausanne Road

Great! let me know if you would like flyers for houses on Lausanne Road or a poster for your window

Oh no, I can't make the 19th of June! Will there be another one on the Ladder soon??

I'm not planning to do anything more until roughly the same time next year but you are welcome to start your own one with Jumble Trail

Do you think it's possible for me to participate in Eade Road off green lanes? Would be fun!


I think it is really up to you, though you might suffer from not getting much traffic past your stall being a bit far from the rest.

Some of what it looked like last year:

Is the jumble trail going as far as Harringay road as I would love a stall, can't read maps



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