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I have seen a facebook event for a nice Jumble Trail event started for the Ladder, where you pay to register a stall (only £3) for your house and have it put up on a map for people to "follow the trail" of jumble sales in the area on the 28th of June, I didn't see any postings of it on here so I thought I'd share it if anyone was interested in having a stall or going round and looking at stalls on the day!

Here's the facebook link:


Thank you.

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Genius idea, where did the idea come from ?
I'm not sure, my neighbour on Allison Road found the organisation and signed our area up for it I guess! But I agree, it's a brilliant idea.

Thanks for posting thsi Ella. I was in touch with Nula a few eeks back, then it fell out of my line of sight. I've added some additional info on an event listing here

Ah brilliant, thank you :)



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