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New years resolution time is approaching...but the Harringay Hurtle thread has gone all quiet.

Here's another route, from Fairland Park to the Gardens Community Garden, a 10km long run, or, with the shortcut in green just 5km's that skips over all the hilly Ladder roads in the middle. So energetic types could do the 10km route and others the easier 5km one, but still all starting and ending together:

So Jan/Feb to do a bit of practice and then the Harringay Hurtle in March - what do you say?

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Really glad to see this has taken off.  I am still nervous about committing myself as I can't run even 5k as yet but my daughter and I have started the new year off with a run this morning, 4 roads (not great but a start) we will keep at it and keep building the roads up.  Oh heck, lets go for it - definitely count us in,

count me in Ant, I will email you to register.

With the roads the crouch end 10K crosses Priory Road and they have Marshals to stop the traffic and seems to work ok.

if anyone is interested in doing some training I run regularly with this group and it is brilliant for improving fitness/technique https://www.facebook.com/TiggerLondonLimited?ref=ts&fref=ts

Alison is a UK althletics coach and the group meets at 10 am on Sundays In Finsbury Park

Hope the link works ok

Is that really 10k? Wow! I often finish off my runs going up Wightman Road - it's quite tough if you approach from the South.

Sounds great - count me in - I've just mailed you. cheers



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